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 About the Book: We see Paul in Galatians 4:19 in travail over Christ being formed in the Galatians. The Greek for the word 'formed' expresses "the necessity of a change in character and conduct to correspond with the inward spiritual condition…" Vine's

      In other words, those that have been born again have been become a new creation in Christ Jesus, 2Corinthians 5:17. Once we have been made new in the inward man, our spirit, the Spirit of God then proceeds to change the outward man (soul: mind, will, emotions), to be conform to the new man. This is what this book is all about. It's a workbook that will assist those that are in need of healing and a change of character and conduct to learn how to seek Him in His Word to bring about those changes. The workbook provides exercises, forms, graphs, illustrations on how to let Him reveal the wrong within and change it, whether the damage was caused our own sins or by those that have sinned and hurt us.

Right the Wrong Within

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