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Is Jesus  really God

in the Flesh? Was He really resurrected?  What does science and evolution say?

Scientists Discovered Message from God in Human DNA Code!!

mIcrobiologist Dr. Scott Minnich: Paradigm of Design - The Bacterial Flagellum

Top atheist scientist converts to Christianity

This book offers four basic things for Christians who are in deep need of understanding themselves in relationship to God and all that He promises. 

FIRST, they will recognize, on a subjective level, the “motions” of sin working in and through their soul and body. 

 SECOND, there are many Christians who have great pain but who are not able to articulate what’s wrong.  They will be able to identify pain, where it came from, and how to deal with it.  


THIRD, Christians will not only become knowledgeable and biblically sound, but they will also learn how to seek Him and receive revelation knowledge in regard to themselves and healing through Word of God.

FOURTH, they will enter into the peace and rest that the Bible promises, will develop a deeper love for the Lord than they thought possible, and experience His wonderful work in them. 

DNA Analysis Reveals Jesus' Father Not Human | WKN News